Men Look for Certain Characteristics

Many magazines and lifestyle blogs have attempted to answer the question of what men want in a wife. However, ultimately that depends on the man. Dominant men, for instance, may not appreciate a woman who is ambitious, independent, and intellectual-challenging. But, for the man who is looking for equal partnership, that woman is a dream come true. Still, there are some key characteristics that make a woman wife-material in almost any man’s eyes.

Shared Beliefs on Critical Issues

A couple doesn’t have to agree on everything. In fact, such an expectation would only lead to disappointment. However, when it comes to core beliefs, there should be either equally shared beliefs that are fully understood by each person or a willingness to compromise. Some beliefs most men prefer to share with a potential wife include gender roles, religious convictions, and political affiliations.

Trustworthiness is Serious Business

From financial indiscretions to paternal fraud, there are many fears a man may have that affect his ability to trust a woman. Building trust not only puts his mind at ease, but hers as well. The last thing a man wants is to live the rest of his life with a woman who has proven that she can’t be trusted. When a man gives up on trust, he will eventually consult with a divorce lawyer to discuss viable options.

Unconditional Love is Most Important

People have different definitions of love, including how they express it and how they expect to receive it from others. When two people speak the same “love language”, shared love becomes a natural biproduct, leading to the feeling of being secure in love. Men generally enjoy being admired, and the unconditional love from a woman he trusts may immediately begin to paint her as a wife in his eyes.

Let’s Not Forget About Physical Attractiveness

Last but most certainly not least is physical attractiveness. Keep in mind that opinions on attractiveness vary from person to person. Some men prefer the high maintenance women who looks ready for the red carpet at any given moment. Others find beauty in a woman’s more natural appearance. In either case, a man must be attracted to a woman first to see if there is a possible long-term future with her.